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Maritime history of this region and the world took place and maintained in her work. The port was a witness to and participant in the development area and the maritime economy in general. And today, in the modern world of large and sophisticated vessels, the port is fighting for its market position. Its resources and strategic development are directed towards passenger transport, cruise ships and nautical tourism.

The most important period and dates in the history of the port of Kotor are:

The second half of the 12th century

Kotor is mentioned as a port in the historical documents

Mid 19th century

Function a regular passenger transport steamships between Kotor and other ports on the Adriatic

The end of the 19th century

Function a regular local maritime traffic in the Bay of Kotor and between Herceg Novi


Construction of the Adriatic highway downplays the Port of Kotor in traffic between the ports of the eastern Adriatic


Abolished the last regular line between Kotor and the Adriatic ports, after 75 years of regular traffic

Beginning of the 70-ies

In Kotor harbor visited by first starting to nautical tourists with yachts. Port of Kotor begin to visit  first major cruise ships.


The disastrous earthquake significantly damages the port


Reconstruction of the coast to the port. Length of operative banks to increase by about 50m


Port of Kotor acquired the status of ports for international traffic


The port gets a permanent international border transition


Disturbances in the political and economic-financial framework prevents the realization of development plans by the port. Port ends and phase transformations in the program are oriented towards nautical tourism and acceptance of cruise ships.


Port activity revives the acceptance of both cargo and passenger ships.

The geographical position of the Port of Kotor, is determined by the coordinates 42º 25´ N and 18º 47´ E. It is located in the far south coast of the Bay of Kotor, at the foot of the hill Pestingrad and Vrmac. Situated like this between high mountains, is the ideal protection for ships.

The most common winds are the southeast bringing rain and north wind that is dry. Storm winds are rare. The waves rarely exceed a height of 50 cm, and the difference tides ranging from 30 to 60 cm. Along the banks operating in the northwest there is a sea current that is not so strong to make a problem for ships.

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